For a long time, we were riding on bad roads. It was after so many days that we saw the highway with 3 lanes on either side. We started flying, for over an hour after which we stopped... to relax.

Lost world

On the Golden Quadrilateral, somewhere in Karnataka, I stopped by to check up on the other riders. It was dark, nothing around, just when I realized there was a gas station opposite to where I stood. They were just switching on the lights and it was beauty to look at it start glowing by the second.

Woman on the beach

Well, what can I say? 8-)
Err... maybe Goa?


At the port of Karwar filled with fishing boats, were these birds swooning in to pick up fish that were the spill overs. They never bothered to pick the ones unattended to. They always wanted the ones crows surrounded.

Mystic waves

Ajanta beach, good privacy, unlimited fun. The shot of the inviting waters, just before someone stepped in.

Glazing Sea

The beginning of Goa, called Gokarna. Standing in the middle of Om beach filled with foreigners, there was one side which had just what God created.

Road to paradise

We were heading down from Kudremukh. We paid attention to what was ahead, when someone stopped to look back. And look at what we saw!

Golden meadow

It was at Kemmangundi. The place is called Z-point, a good 30 minute trek from where tyre marks can be made. So high up on the golden meadow, we felt like the Gods of the Universe.

Open Up

After a real bumpy ride to the top of Kemmangundi, the first thing that struck was hunger. We stopped by a mess for some food. Inside, it looked deserted, but some space to click a nice picture!


Kemmangundi, Karnataka. The breathtaking view from the view point on top. A 400 step steep climb, worth every step. There was a cave nearby as well.

Leaves bokeh

I was playing around with my camera in my terrace. It was dark, post sunset. The church on top of the hill was the happening place around with lot of lights and celebration. When I looked at it through the lens, I saw something different. What obstructed, was more beautiful. The bokeh you see was the result.

Sunrise hues - 1

On a lazy Sunday morning, I woke up quite early and ended up not knowing what to do. I picked up the cam, stand and the wallet and walked towards the Kathipara flyover. Climbing up, I saw what the picture shows.

Sunrise hues - 2

The dish antennas are part of the Le Royal Meridian and the shot was taken from atop the Kathipara flyover.

Sunrise hues - 3

This shot was taken during a lazy Sunday early morning stroll on the Kathipara flyver.

Sunrise hues - 4

As I stood atop the might Kathipara flyover, I heard the loud familiar noise. I knew I had about 10 seconds before I could adjust the manual settings and look through the viewport. The flight was faster than I thought, but managed to get a shot before it could vanish.