KRP Dam, Krishnagiri

This is the not so famous KRP Dam in Krishnagiri. But ever since I visited that place and came back and made this HDR, my friends have been asking about it. It is however a nice place to relax and spend a few hours undisturbed by too much human infestation.

Fresh leaves

I always wondered when I looked at the advertisements that had those natural looking colors. When I walked out and shot a couple of HDRs with leaves, I found one way of doing so.


It was at my Uncle's place during a family gathering. The statues around the house were a good collection, giving me scope for some macros.


We had a family gathering at one of my Uncle's place. They had a nice collection of statues around the house that gave me scope for trying out a few macros.

Gingee Fort - The tower

My brother had come from Pune. We took the car and drove from the city without much of a plan. Not far away from Chennai is a historical place called Gingee which is famous for forts. The tower seen in the picture is right at the entrance of the big fort.

Gingee Fort - Tower area

A wider shot of the tower area which is right at the entrance of the Gingee fort.

Gingee Fort - Corridor

The corridor in one of the buildings of the Gingee fort. They had small cells on the left side of the corridor. I'm not very sure if they were prisons, but the cells appeared to be very small.

Gingee Fort - Temples

The Meenakshi Amman temple at Gingee, view from quite a distance. The shot was taken from the big fort.

Gingee Fort - Inside the fort

The pond area isn't covered much in the photo, but was quite dry. The boulders were quite a scene.

Gingee Fort - Temple entrance

The entrance of the Meenakshi Amman temple at Gingee.

Gingee Fort - Inside the temple

Inside the Meenakshi Amman temple at Gingee. The place didn't have too many people and was very pleasant. One should visit this place either in the morning or in the evening.

Gingee Fort - Temple tower

The temple tower of the Meenakshi Amman temple. It is such a beauty that one has to be there to see and appreciate it.

Gingee Fort - Temples

Some of the temple towers taken in a single shot at the Meenakshi Amman temple at Gingee.

Art of God

It was Pongal 2008. The times when we really made pongal pots were history. Coming to think of it, we could only make it an opportunity for the usual lads to meet up. We drove on the ECR and stopped by a nice place for a chat. Looking at the sun setting, I couldn't resist clicking a picture.

Yamaha FZ 16

My friend was all excited when he got his new steed. I hadn't ridden the bike, since it was still new in the market. Yamaha called it the FZ 16. It's supposed to be the mini Indian version of the might naked Yamaha FZ 1. The bike looked sturdy, and sported the broadest tryes to date on an Indian bike. It was the perfect machine for a photo shootout. So one fine Sunday morning, we took it to a beach that would do justice.