Night Life

It was mid summer, but then there was a surprise rain. Cloudy and grey outside. We stepped out of Moonrakers after some black coffee and omlettes. The lighting was just perfect. Dusk closing in, but enough darkness to make the lights beautiful. It was drizzling very little and I wasn't able to look up fearing the droplets on my lens. I took shelter under a small shop and got this beatiful picture.

Ruins - 1

At the usual deserted Beach X. It was on a mid summer afternoon, surprisingly cloudy. We had a few people around, which was disappointing. The climate though compensated it. I took a stroll around the houses, I was used to this place by now.

Ruins - 2

Beach X was deserted. I parted from the gang and took a stroll through the ruins.


This was once a tsunami hit region, people evacuated, leaving just their broken homes behind. This was one of the best hangouts for us, and on that windy day I managed to click this.

Lights bokeh

We were standing outside a wedding hall, gossiping and planning where to go next. It was getting darker as the sun was setting. The lights looked beautiful contrasting the dark sky.


We were on the ECR on a usual Sunday evening, and this time I chose to ride pillion. I was learning to use the Aperture variation tricks, but unfortunately couldn't succeed. I managed to click a few picks of the hard to get cars. Here is one.

Festive - Picture 1

Sitting at home doing nothing is so much boredom. I remembered one of my friends telling me Holi was around. I got some colors from the nearby store and spent an hour over it. Look what I got!

Festive - Picture 2

Adding a little bit of spice to boredom!