Sunrise hues - 1

On a lazy Sunday morning, I woke up quite early and ended up not knowing what to do. I picked up the cam, stand and the wallet and walked towards the Kathipara flyover. Climbing up, I saw what the picture shows.

Sunrise hues - 2

The dish antennas are part of the Le Royal Meridian and the shot was taken from atop the Kathipara flyover.

Sunrise hues - 3

This shot was taken during a lazy Sunday early morning stroll on the Kathipara flyver.

Sunrise hues - 4

As I stood atop the might Kathipara flyover, I heard the loud familiar noise. I knew I had about 10 seconds before I could adjust the manual settings and look through the viewport. The flight was faster than I thought, but managed to get a shot before it could vanish.