Wayanad Forest

A simple sight of how breathtaking forests can be!

Wayanad Forest Stream

Standing up on the entrance to the tree house, I was already a little high. Looking down, I saw the stream running below just by the lush green grass.

Camp Fire

The the sun had set, the air was cold and the mood was just right. All we needed was some fire to get things going!

Camp Fire

The the sun had set, the air was cold and the mood was just right. All we needed was some fire to get things going!

Wayanad Forest Stream

Venturing into the forest for about 15 minutes, we found this stream, where we had whale of a time.

Wayanad Forest Stream

I was thrilled when I saw so much flowing water. My first ever opportunity to try out some aperture tricks.

Wayanad Forest Stream

The NH 212 runs in the middle of the Wayanad forest. It is such a beautiful experience driving though it. Its also quite tempting to park the vehicle and walk down a little. And when you do such things, this is what you see!

Tree House Entrance

A tree house is normally 100-150 feet high. This picture shows the entrance to one such. Walking down this path leads one to a manually operated lift that can be levitated in the air using a pulley mechanism.

Forest Resort

5 rooms deep inside the jungle with all basic facilities, but no electricity. Generators helped a few hours in the dark, but it was lanterns beyond that. Was fun staying in the wild!

Wayanad Forest

Early morning, in the Wayanad forest, as the sun started penetrating though the trees.


With summer around the corner, we spotted these flowers in the hills of Yelagiri. The tree stood out that we could spot it from miles away!

Gingee Fort - Archery - Landscape

A beautiful location called Gingee. Filled with forts and temples with significant historical value. The picture shows a small hill by the Archery.

Gingee Fort - Archery - Portrait

A beautiful location called Gingee. Filled with forts and temples with significant historical value. The picture shows a small hill by the Archery.

Monkey Kingdom

On top of a small hill in Gingee were a few monkeys. We thought they never meant any harm and got ourselves something to eat. That's when we realized we had infiltrated the Monkey Kingom. We were approached by the creatures from all sides and ransacked of all our food.

Thirst - 1

Out of nowhere came a few cows in the woods of Yelagiri. We were near a water hole that attracted them. They quenched their thirst and left without losing their cool.

Thirst - 2

A few wild cows quenching their thirst in a water hole in the woods of Yelagiri.

Foothills of Yelagiri

With the sun setting down, we were at the view point spending time talking about the entire universe. The view of the foothills with the sun setting behind the mountains that made the horizon was such a catch that never let us move.

Beat the heat

Nothing like tender coconut to beat the summer heat! I clicked this picture as I waited for my fellow riders to arrive.

Countryside - Jagalamparai Falls

To reach Jagalamparai Falls, one has to drive through 14 kms of countryside land. It would be a fantastic experience riding though such scenery, kids playing around and bullock carts on the way.

Water Hole

Having trekked for about half an hour through the woods of Yelagiri, we found this water hole. It was just the trees, the little bit of water, the wind as us.

Night Life

It was mid summer, but then there was a surprise rain. Cloudy and grey outside. We stepped out of Moonrakers after some black coffee and omlettes. The lighting was just perfect. Dusk closing in, but enough darkness to make the lights beautiful. It was drizzling very little and I wasn't able to look up fearing the droplets on my lens. I took shelter under a small shop and got this beatiful picture.

Ruins - 1

At the usual deserted Beach X. It was on a mid summer afternoon, surprisingly cloudy. We had a few people around, which was disappointing. The climate though compensated it. I took a stroll around the houses, I was used to this place by now.

Ruins - 2

Beach X was deserted. I parted from the gang and took a stroll through the ruins.


This was once a tsunami hit region, people evacuated, leaving just their broken homes behind. This was one of the best hangouts for us, and on that windy day I managed to click this.

Lights bokeh

We were standing outside a wedding hall, gossiping and planning where to go next. It was getting darker as the sun was setting. The lights looked beautiful contrasting the dark sky.


We were on the ECR on a usual Sunday evening, and this time I chose to ride pillion. I was learning to use the Aperture variation tricks, but unfortunately couldn't succeed. I managed to click a few picks of the hard to get cars. Here is one.

Festive - Picture 1

Sitting at home doing nothing is so much boredom. I remembered one of my friends telling me Holi was around. I got some colors from the nearby store and spent an hour over it. Look what I got!

Festive - Picture 2

Adding a little bit of spice to boredom!

Track day - Picture 1

Track day - Picture 2

Track day - Picture 3

Track day - Picture 4

Track day - Picture 5

Track day - Picture 6

Track day - Picture 7

Track day - Picture 8

Track day - Picture 9

Track day - Picture 10

Track day - Picture 11

Track day - Picture 12

Track day - Picture 13

Track day - Picture 14

Track day - Picture 15

Track day - Picture 16

KRP Dam, Krishnagiri

This is the not so famous KRP Dam in Krishnagiri. But ever since I visited that place and came back and made this HDR, my friends have been asking about it. It is however a nice place to relax and spend a few hours undisturbed by too much human infestation.

Fresh leaves

I always wondered when I looked at the advertisements that had those natural looking colors. When I walked out and shot a couple of HDRs with leaves, I found one way of doing so.


It was at my Uncle's place during a family gathering. The statues around the house were a good collection, giving me scope for some macros.


We had a family gathering at one of my Uncle's place. They had a nice collection of statues around the house that gave me scope for trying out a few macros.

Gingee Fort - The tower

My brother had come from Pune. We took the car and drove from the city without much of a plan. Not far away from Chennai is a historical place called Gingee which is famous for forts. The tower seen in the picture is right at the entrance of the big fort.

Gingee Fort - Tower area

A wider shot of the tower area which is right at the entrance of the Gingee fort.